I’m not even sure that what I’m doing is about expression or communication necessarily, as clearly this conversation I’m setting up is me talking with myself. Anything I say about this is in danger of being subsumed by Jaakko’s practice. I’m speaking, but I might disappear as I speak. As much as I’m investigating dialogue I need to acknowledge the competitive aspect of becoming visible, and becoming audible as a person that speaks.

In the summer of 2012 internet-based artist Jaakko Pallasvuo asked artist and writer Rebecca La Marre to create a video where she would claim that Jaakko was an invented persona and that she was responsible for all of his artistic output. The video was uploaded on Youtube on July 29th, and both artists embedded the video on their personal websites. The identical pages existed in tandem until August 23, 2012.

The trail of activity that followed has been documented in a publication titled Full Disclosure and consists of chat logs, reviews, interviews and e-mails, spanning the broad range of registers currently used to write about art. These have been collected in a way that preserves the complexity and sense of confusion generated by the project while asking questions about identity on the Internet and the value of so-called immaterial labour and artistic practice.

The book was designed by Joseph Waller and launched by Arcadia Missa in London on April 17th 2013. It is distributed internationally by Antenne and available online.

50 pages
spiral bound along top
size: equivalent to 1024x768 pixels
300 gsm
run of 400
100 limited edition foil stamped covers