Henna Hyvärinen & Jaakko Pallasvuo
W139, Amsterdam
15 Dec - 6 Jan 2013

1. Some Men Are Islands, video (Pallasvuo)
2. On Elegance,, video (Hyvärinen)
3. Ophelia, drawing, frame (Hyvärinen & Pallasvuo)
4. Re:feedback, e-mail (Elvia Wilk)
5. Found House Plant wrapped in Thermal Blanket in Frosty Lobby (Metallized Polyethylene Terephthalate), sculpture (Hyvärinen & Pallasvuo)

Some Men Are Islands, 2012 from Jaakko Pallasvuo on Vimeo.

On elegance from Henna Hyvärinen on Vimeo.

Material Labor and Re:feedback, texts (Elvia Wilk)

The exhibition is part of the thesis project of the Master of Fine Arts degree from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts.